People Counting


VISITOR s.r.o. was established in 2010, when it introduced a unique monitoring solution designed to track the number of people who frequent certain areas. It was created using the latest technology and knowledge available. The most consequential issues that we faced while designing our solution – namely: estimation accuracy, reliability, and flexible technical support have been a cornerstone of our company – upon which we believe we have managed to create a successful business model while having the privilege to work with some leading partners. People Counting is a unique and effective marketing tool designed for managers in all types of commercial real estate – e.g. shopping centers, shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, but also in other buildings and objects such as airports, bus- and railway stations, libraries, museums, banks, post offices, etc ..Thanks to us, our customers have access to all different sorts of invaluable information that helps them keep an eye on the performance of their investments in real time, and in connection with financial indicators like turnover they are able to follow interesting parameters, e.g. attendance conversion rate.

You can use this tool for strategic planning and management of your projects, or for marketing planning and for subsequent evaluation of advertising campaigns, also for creation of statistical database and analyses of the movement of visitors in any space, for checking the development trends in attendance at the optimum setting opening hours, but also as an argument in breakdown of rental units and rental areas, with short or long-term lease of premises to your clients, or to project long-term employment plan (i.e. number of people needed for security, maintenance, etc. ..) and the regulation of energy consumption (heat consumption, electricity ..)…

People Counting is a combination of the maximum attainable accuracy of counting and reliability, thanks to the latest technology (hardware) and software, especially developed for this purpose. It allows the user to create different types of graphs, tables and reports, which are compared to each individual sites, zones, time periods and always in real time, for minimum time interval - 15 minutes. Tracking the movement of persons in selected locations is almost unlimited and can be monitored as well as places such as stairs, travelators, revolving-doors, elevators, interior and exterior spaces.


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