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Car Parking

Another unique product created by VISITOR, s.r.o. is a navigation parking system designed for car parks, underground car parks of shopping centers, residential buildings, etc .. The name "AutoPark" describes exactly what its primary function is - to simplify and especially speed up parking for visitors in the large parking areas. They now form a standard part of every shopping center and to ensure the free flow of traffic, especially during peak hours, it was essential to make it easier for visitors to navigate around. To avoid spending tens of minutes cruising around in the search for an empty lot, AutoPark allows you to see immediately where is the nearest empty lot. Thanks to color-coded LEDs (red, blue and green), which are arranged above each parking space, the driver is always channeled properly and with no time wasted. In addition to the visual attribute of LEDs; AutoPark System is also helping drivers navigate to the nearest area with empty lots using information screens that show the actual number of lots available at any given moment -thereby further facilitating the ease of movement within the particular area. The top notch feature of AutoPark is a system management solution, designed specifically for people involved in active management of the parking areas – security services, maintenance services, etc. The senior management can access specific information pertaining to the current status of the parking are - such as the parking map with total current lots available, overall occupancy statistics of in real time, historical data and, consequently, it allows to foresee these events and be able to react on time and ahead of the recurring onslaught in the specific times, days, hours .


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Car Parking



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